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19:31 11-01-2020
Just wanted to let you know, we featured your site in an entry on our poetry blog (w/a Jungian leaning): We appreciate your thoughtful approach to Jungian studies. Thank you!
17:19 11-01-2020
Diane Croft
I just found your post on Edinger. It so happens I am preparing a lecture (via Zoom) on my own experience of Individuation and its relation to Christian symbol and myth. I have been a fan of Edinger, but your article makes me reconsider some of what he professes. Would you be willing to help me with a few issues?
16:20 07-22-2020
Ricardo Vandini
Hi Mats,
I find many of your articles really interesting for two things: first, you present your points of view in a very chilly way and without room for ambivalence; and on the other hand, always very good documentation and literature to support some approaches
00:30 05-21-2020
Mihail Bila
I also read your article on 'Complementaris Mundus'. I always saw an obssessive monist & reductionist tendency in Jung's or Neumann's attempt to find a building block common to both matter and spirit, so complementarism seems a great way to reconcile those.
But once we have put on the spiritual lens, what stops us from seeing God's providence at hand, or even some form of polytheism? Do you have any articles on how the spiritual worldview can be employed rigorously?

Another question is about the distinction between religiosity and spirituality; the danger of religiosity is insisting to turn the spiritual worder into an immanent utopia, and this would lead to competition for hegemony, human sacrifices etc. But doesn't this imply that spirituality should be a highly individualistic and solitary path? Doesn't this atomise the practitioner and make them unable to have a positive impact on society? For me, virtue ethics (paideia) is a good middle ground between religiosity and spirituality.
17:38 05-20-2020
Mihail Bila
Hi Mats,
I'm an architect. I first encountered your site when a friend recommended your article on 'Thanatos', which I enjoyed reading. I then continued with your critique of Peterson (whose ideas, as those of Mircea Eliade, led me to Jung) and now I've just finished reading 'The Romantic Flight From Reality'.
I used to be a devout Evangelical Christian, lost my faith after adopting a more scientific approach (evolution particularly); been an empiricist agnostic for a while, then realised skepticism, rationality and scientism can be used to neutralize every type of spiritual/religious enterprise; because I was also passionate about visual arts, I took a step back from those and jungianism, a passion for mythology and generally a Romantic mindset allowed me to regain some sort of spirituality whose merit is, at least, keeping me excited and motivated about being creative and producing art.
After reading Roubiczeck's critique of Romanticism I feel called out on so many levels. I'm wondering if you managed to find a way to keep a high degree of realism coincide with belief and creativity, or if you think there are any viable solutions. Do you see any healthy cultural / artistic movement taking shape anytime soon? Any religious ethos that will withstand the endless sources of instant debunking or deconstruction?
17:54 05-01-2020
Felicity Kelcourse
Academia sent me your article on individuation. A quick scan shows an interesting assemblage of topics. I hope to get to it this summer. (Consider adding page numbers? What would be an appropriate APA reference for this article should I choose to cite it?)
11:59 04-22-2020
Rick Roberts
Dear Mats,

I came across your work (and website) via I'm a software engineer by trade but have had an interest in Jungian Psychology for 30 years. I look forward to reading many of your papers, but I was wondering if you recommend a good "starting point" article?

Thanks, and Best Regards!
03:52 01-26-2020
Christopher L Jordan
My mind is racing from all of the information on here, but now I'm very curious about your thoughts on Bernardo Kastrup and/or Peter Kingsley? I've only recently discovered Kastrup's views on idealism. Have you written on this previously?
15:39 01-01-2020
Daragh O'Reilly
Have downloaded your critique of AP from, thank you very much indeed, and then found my way to your site here. Looks like there is plenty of interest here. I'm coming from the perspective of a writer of fiction and non-fiction who is interested in story, psyche and imagination.
19:42 11-26-2019

Thank you for your article on Edinger's inflation and concretization, or as you more frequently say, his reductionism. (I prefer the word concretization ... which of course would lead to reduction.). I happened upon this article by chance, in the process of looking up something else... which also was in the process of preparing for a meeting this evening with another Jungian teacher with whom I had some argument on his rendition of ego-self dialogue. You hit just on what I was about to say to him ... and will! I was very well impressed with the man Ed Edinger and his integrity and continuing wrestling, or so I believe, but at the same time disagree profoundly with his "nailing down" images far better left to remain truly symbolic and therefore/thereby alive. This was timely. I will read more of your articles another day, and wish you continued energy in writing for us.
11:01 10-27-2019
Oscar Del Santo
Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom with the rest of us for free. I have found your articles truly inspirational. Warm greetings from Spain.
14:15 09-13-2019
Panos Louridas
Hello Mr. Mats Winther ,
Dear Chessfriend ,

I found your collection with all these interesting articles...but unfotunatley
I have not the time to read ...everything!
Later...when I will have more time...I´ ll visit your page again… !!!
Best Regards from Germany
Panos Louridas
16:18 07-18-2019
Enrique Pardo
PS - the message I wrote seems to have been cut. I added that "Pretty much all the subjects you address are of interest to me, so maybe some form of dialogue will take place (my life and theatre companion, Linda Wise, often visits Sweden - she collaborates with theatre director Suzane Osten). Or if you visit France. Best regards.
Enrique Pardo
12:01 07-18-2019
I discover with great interest your website and ideas as I started an article titled "What about archetypes?" - after the closing of our yearly Myth and Theatre Festival, dedicated this year to LUCK (reflections on synchronicity but leaning towards serendipity, brought me to your site.) The festival was founded with James Hillman, honorary president of festival and my company, who became a close friend. I notice we differ on his ideas; maybe this is due to the importance of imagination in his and my case: I am an artist, a theatre performer and director. On Jung I find our evaluations similarly and historically appreciative.
06:10 07-03-2019
Neoplatonist here

Love the swedenborg/jung
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