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22:35 04-04-2014
Hi Mats!
I've noticed that the website distributing your fine chess program Blindchess is down.. do you plan to redistribute it in future somewhere else?
Feel free to contact me via mail..
Cheers, Pierre
18:26 04-02-2014
Fannie LeFlore
Greetings to you, Mats L. Winther -- I came to your website via a link someone posted about Group Narcissism. As I explored more topics, I found other articles you wrote quite interesting. I would appreciate having you contact me via email. I want to share some relevant information on one topic in particular that you addressed. I am based in the U.S.
21:17 02-28-2014
Maarten Forsyth
I appreciate your work - Neat!

How would you like your work referenced?
19:27 02-01-2014
Mark Mawson
Hi Mats

I have been reading your post on and i can't explain the curiosity it inspires in me.

I am not very well read and as such find your writings difficult to follow, but I feel there s much to be learned from them.

I live in the UK, but I will be in Stockholm for a few days in July (arrive morning 17th) I would loved to meet you if you have the time.

Mark (Ghislain)
19:19 12-18-2013
Luis Sanchez
Mr. Whitner, I love your essays. I am happy to have found such as interesting writing as yours. I wonder about your views on paintings and drawings; after all, Jung filled his RED BOOK of plenty of them. Thanks,Luis
16:27 12-02-2013
Greetings Mr. M. Whitner
I wish I knew what happened to your page of games, you can not get in, as I can read your excellent articles puedde games or send them by mail. attentively
21:38 11-20-2013
Douglas Amon
Would a person whose myth is " complementarianism,"
Go to Church,be in Jungian therapy,work on Wall Street,
And do physics experiments in his/ her basement at night?
Please point me to an article about your " myth of meaning/
Non- meaning." Thanks.thoroughly enjoying your work.
00:28 11-12-2013
Hi Mats,
thank you for your writing; a very interesting approach indeed. It is very welcome reading for me. If you will forgive me, but every nwo and then your writing becomes opportunistic and softens your stance with commonly accepted apologies; I wish you would not do that.
My claim is further, that you do not understand women well enough to make your comments valid. "Man was asleep, while woman was created." Excellent food for my further thoughts, though. Thank you.
18:26 10-27-2013
Thanks for putting all this creative thinking online. Re psyche soma and penitence - there's alot of depth in this, and I think that the union of psyche soma in the moment of autopoesis is a moment like death - you risk everything - sacrifice everything -give up all previous identifications - and allow or step into the new .... its both concrete and metaphorical, but it isn't sadistic or masochistic. It's new life on the edge of chaos and annihilaiton psyche soma is and isnt one - the moments of oneness create new life and it does require sacrifice/ Paradox. cheers...
13:08 10-12-2013
Jag är en kvinna på 58 år, nu i Oktober.
Inatt drömde jag om en tom canvas tavla, med en tunn guldblads karm.
Tabula Rasa. oskrivet blad, sägs ju att tabula rasa ger en oändlig massa möjligheter. En stark och positiv dröm.
Tacksam för en tolkning.
16:41 10-04-2013
Nader Khaghani
Dear Mats,
God bless you, you enlighten minds and provide much food for spirit.
I am writing to express my gratitude to your learned mind and lucid way of expression.
Also, I need a favor if it is not too much to ask.
I need to research archetypes, any suggestions?
Also, I know you have a soft spot for images. I love to send you a few contemporary images that I have painted with the ever alive spirit of alchemy.

Such as: Fire: Alchemical Spirit Helper
Water: Alchemical Spirit Helper
Six images in total
I have not posted them to the web yet. My own web site:
You know how it is. Painters intuitively feel and paint in archetypes, naturally. YOu can't create the objective thing, so you access Plato's forms.
but intellect wants more and that is why I am writing.
Many merci in Farsi
Many tacks in Swedish--my wife is Swedish
Many tas and thanks in English
With much brotherly love and affection.
20:15 09-25-2013
Great Piece!!
15:01 07-13-2013
shaheda rizvi
Excellent and serious scholarship -- Thanks for opening your literary material so generously.
15:49 07-11-2013
Hi Mats!
I am reading your article about Mysterium Iniquitates. I also have a drive for research and trying to understand things, above all in religion. I enjoyed your presentation in your website. I was born in Cuba, but since 2001 I live in United States.
Thank you for sharing your views.
00:24 07-01-2013
Lauren Bloom
Re: Critique of Archetypal Psychology, thank you for rising above the herd of Jungian psychologist who typically fail to critique Hillman's ego-centric vampirism and bastardization of Jung's system of psychology. You've stated the obvious in an eloquent and straightforward way that NEEDS to be told to this and future generations. I thus implore you to become the first "hardass" (Hillman's words) to critique the description of Archetypal Psychology that is recorded in Wikipedia's free web encyclopedia. The world community deserves a balanced perspective on this subject, before it swallows hook, line and sinker the demise of authentic Jungian Psychology.
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