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16:32 11-22-2012
Wendy Panken
Today, searching for articles on self destruction after a session with one of the patients, I found your website. You're a new discovery for me. Thank you for your work. I'll be reading your essay more regularly now.
18:19 10-15-2012
Jim Spigener
Mats - Your recent response (on Jung-fire) re. Hollinger increased my respect for your thinking. (I already respected it, so "increased" is the active word here.) I intend to look at more of your writing and see, by this visit to your site, that you have collected quite a list of subject matter since "The Complementarian Self" of a couple years ago. Good work.
02:17 09-22-2012
Gary Olson
I got here through your posts on the Depth Psychology website, Beautiful site and I look forward to spending some time with your written words. Peace
02:13 07-23-2012
Micheál A. Conroy
Splendid website. Thank you! MAC
00:52 05-05-2012
jorge wiurnos
Very interesant!!!
16:50 02-17-2012
Kay Scarpetta
Hello Mats,
Want to let you know I am reading your works on your website... Are you interested in my comments? I do not want to waste your time or mine if you are not.

Best regards,
12:39 01-28-2012
Cynthia Ezell
Dear Mats,

I am a psychotherapist in Tennessee, USA. I'm preparing a talk for the Nashville Psychotherapy Institute and found your article on intersubjectivity. I really appreciated your insights, and I'd like to quote your article in my talk, with your permission. I would like my collleagues to know about your website!

Cynthia Ezell
03:04 11-04-2011
Richard Faussette
Enjoyed your articles in English. Thank you for posting them to the web.
19:26 10-30-2011
Wim van Mourik
Dear Mats,
In your article on Frisian Draughts you wrote as follows :
The game seems to have survived for a time in Stockholm, as Carl Johan Billberg mentions the game in his game book from 1838-39. I am unknown with this book. Can you sent me a copy of the title page and the page on which you have seen the info on Frisian draughts ?
I am writing in Holland for the magazine Het Damspel. If you reed some , go to : www.kndb.nl Then go to the right side and click on : Het Damspel Bondsorgaan. Then you have to choose a number and on the last page you will find my history articles.
If it will not open directly : download then with : save as and then open from your PC.
Wim van Mourik, Nijmegen. The Netherlands
17:17 10-28-2011
Blake Conley
Thank you for making your writings available to the public. I found them to very edifying and appreciate that you have been willing to speak without kowtowing to political correctness. Very helpful and clarifying presentations.
21:46 06-23-2011
Robert Danow
I like your article "Critique of intersubjectivity", but I do not understand the meaning of your terms "differentiated self-consciousness", "inner otherness", and "outer otherness". I do have access to the book by Frie. Can you explain, or tell me where I can read, what you mean by those terms and that paragraph?

14:36 06-13-2011
Börje Peratt
Hej tänkte höra med dig om det skulle vara okej att använda en text av dig i en kommande bok där jag kort refererar till alkemi:
/mvh Börje

"Alkemin lade grunden till den moderna kemiska vetenskapen. Alkemisterna upptäckte många ämnen och kemiska föreningar. Dom uppfann och konstruerade metoder och utrustning som används än idag. Man brukar säga att den kemiska sidan av alkemin var den exoteriska; den som var öppen utåt. En del försökte verkligen tillverka guld av kvicksilver. Först i våra dagar har ju vetenskapen lyckats med detta genom att beskjuta kvicksilver med energirika neutroner. Naturligtvis lönar det sig inte ekonomiskt, men det bevisar att även den praktiska alkemin hade rätt - det går att transformera kvicksilver till guld. Enda problemet är att det kräver tillgång till en neutronkanon.
21:17 05-12-2011
James Elliott
Wonderful site. Stumbled onto Mysterium Iniquitatis through a recommendation from someone. Don't know if I agree with the whole cosmology presented, but the examination of how shadow projections shouldn't be though of as mistaken neurotic tendencies, but rather as ingrained instinctive strategies that actually do what they are intended to do, and further how and why they are being exacerbated in these times, is brilliant.

Will be looking into this site further. Thanks for the work.
13:38 11-24-2010
Theo Lundgren
Hello Mats,

as a husband, father, yogi, martial artist and student of light and Theosophy, I've flown at times skillfully as a bee and at other times haphazardly like the very wind itself in search of meaning and interconnectivity.
Your writing has helped me in this and for that I am grateful. I would like to offer the work of Otto Rank, specifically "Beyond Psychology" to you in hopes of shedding yet more light on your path. "The Reflexive Universe" by Arthur Young has also been very beneficial. Additionally, I would highly recommend "sitting" with a piece of Iceland Spar crystal (clear enough to see the double refraction) as it will offer yet further insights to the questions you're dealing with.

Well done, and thanks again for your generous work
22:42 10-06-2010
Miranda Cressall
Hi Mats,
Thanks for your brilliant ideas. The breadth of your thought is astounding. I'm a Depth Psychology PhD student at Pacifica Graduate Institute in California and was very excited to come across your site. I have shared it with my cohort and hope to bring your perspectives into our discussions. I recently read your article on Edinger, and though I don't always agree with your take, your argument is very convincing. Have you published elsewhere than this site, any journals?
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