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20:13 05-07-2013
Leslie Birleson
I just read Boardgame Mandala. Wow! I just had a dream where I was playing a boardgame with an old Malaysian man, we were using rice bowls and white and black beans around the perimeter of the bowl.
I used to be in a chess club in college and quite a good player, the more moves you can think ahead the greater the patterns you can see unfold. Archetype in Latin means (pattern), if you can see where a pattern has come from you also have the possibility of seeing where the pattern may unfold to, or its possibilities. I've never thought about it before! but games really are the practice of observing where patterns have come from and hence where they are going to. Once you've seen someone lay it out so elegantly with your exquisite examples of boardgames and their relationship to the Mandela it seems obvious. It never occurred to me before! Have you ever heard of the mandorla, its where two circles overlap and create a third oval in the center, a place for holy symbols especially in the Christian tradition.If my comments seem a little simplistic it's because by profession I am a sculptor and painter ( and yes I do make my living from that, hence I have a hard time with the Jung people and art) I started reading Jung 40 years ago but stopped reading him for about 15 years, and now find myself back in the analysts chair again! The clarity of your articles is extremely helpful.
19:30 04-30-2013
leslie Birleson
I Just read your article, The Dark Shadow Of The Quaternity. Utterly fascinating! Your clarity of writing is extremely helpful and hopeful and appreciated in understanding the complex duality of Jung and his prescribed baptismal submerging in the unconscious.
13:43 04-25-2013
William John Meegan
Your article on The Complementarian Self was indeed informing on both what the psychists have to say on LIGHT and what theologians have to say on CHRIST the God/Man. Yours and these other analogies interestingly enough seque into my own research on Genesis from an esoteric point of view. I study the letters and words symbolically culling out the esoteric interpretations.

I believe what modern psychologists, psychists and theologians are trying to grasp has already been laid out in the symbol of the 'Vesica Piscis', which is very well discussed in the second and the fourth days of creation under the name 'FIRMAMENT'. This symbol of the Vesica Piscis is known throughout Christian art.
18:37 02-06-2013
art ed grad student
Re: Hillman, thank you and for addressing current dilemna I am having at a Lutheran school, spelled out in your essay. Having a Catholic upbringing I am now grateful for, I was told I had a questionable disposition when I tried to bring to light these observations. The program is trying to remake education based on the romantic paradigm. I can see it as a counterbalance in a school system though I think, or what would be an alternative argument for the the budget cuts, and no place for the arts? What philosophical basis, Jung of course, but they are not even as far evolved as the romantics?
18:07 02-06-2013
carrie krukowski
Yes my experience with the Feminism paper is much the same, yet I am not sure if it addresses me by pointing out what the perceived majority is doing. Some of this is persona, deemed healthy by Jung in a protective sense. The sacredness of sexuality starts young, and for me at 48 I am glad for the widened perimeters that I can make choices within. My daughter hasn't encountered these experiences which seem to be more about women my age and older whom will be around yet for awhile. The sharped tongued housewife reinforces her role and $security everytime you get in her classroom, her dental hygenest chair, and her barber chair. All the social norms are aksed about, don't have them, poor you. Can I ask if they have an education, or ever lived alone and paid the bills, of course not.....
22:57 02-01-2013
Robin Campbell, LPC
How do I print out the articles? They only allow for printing of one page only. I t is difficult to sit in front of the computer and read in-depth material.

Robin Campbell, LPC
15:30 01-31-2013
Dr.Sheldon Goodman
How may I participate in your wonderful program?
Thank you.
14:36 01-26-2013
Larry Ramjutton
Hi Mats, I'm studying Jung through his Collected Work's and I have worked my way through most of your articles now. They have given me a huge contextualising insight into his work. I have found great benefit (and pain, of course!) in holding in tension the enormously difficult intellectual, emotional and spiritual problems that you have presented in your articles. You have really shed light on things that, all through my life, I have been dimly conscious of but never able to intellectually understand. Reading Jung and your essays has really helped me learn to cultivate thinking, in a way that is not emotionally unintelligent or barbarically cold.

Particular thanks for writing the critique's on James Hillman and Edward Edinger- if I had not read your articles before hand I would have bought their books and, without the intellectual foundation to protect me, would have assumed they were really part of analytical psychology in the way that Jung and Von Franz intended it.
Your frequent references to M-L von Franz has also opened me up to her work too- I've now read Projection and Recollection and look forward to delving deeply into the rest of her books.
I look forward to more articles in 2013!
08:20 12-01-2012
Lars Wetterström
Det är jag som är stevenstills på Flashback. Jag gillar din konservatism och dina tankar om dagiskulturen och matriarkatet. Du borde försöka få in din text i fler medier. Den ligger rätt i tiden.
17:59 11-28-2012
Kristina Nielson
This is a lovely site. Thank you for the quality and insight you have here. I shall often return.

16:32 11-22-2012
Wendy Panken
Today, searching for articles on self destruction after a session with one of the patients, I found your website. You're a new discovery for me. Thank you for your work. I'll be reading your essay more regularly now.
18:19 10-15-2012
Jim Spigener
Mats - Your recent response (on Jung-fire) re. Hollinger increased my respect for your thinking. (I already respected it, so "increased" is the active word here.) I intend to look at more of your writing and see, by this visit to your site, that you have collected quite a list of subject matter since "The Complementarian Self" of a couple years ago. Good work.
02:17 09-22-2012
Gary Olson
I got here through your posts on the Depth Psychology website, Beautiful site and I look forward to spending some time with your written words. Peace
02:13 07-23-2012
Micheál A. Conroy
Splendid website. Thank you! MAC
00:52 05-05-2012
jorge wiurnos
Very interesant!!!
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