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20:37 06-29-2019
axel baumgart
hi mats,
i'm working on your thanatos text. maybe my text "the mistress of the house" might be interesting for you:

best regards

19:42 03-26-2019
Hello Mats,

I just finished reading your essay about the Puer Aeternus complex, something I am dealing with and recovering from myself (26 year old male) and look forward to reading your essays about synchronicity and quantum physics, it seems some of our thoughts/interests are in alignment.

But really I'm here to seek your opinion about something personal.

I'm at a crossroads between choosing a discipline to commit to, I can go into all the details but will skip over them. One of the disciplines is psychology, specifically depth psychology. This is an area I have pursued on my own for some years both out of interest and to understand/heal my own neurosis, leading to the discovery of my core complexes plus many other amazing things along the way. The issue is I am having difficulty seeing where I can turn any of the passions I have into professions, or simply take them further than the childish understandings I have of them.

I have no desire to go to school, become certified, or open a private practice. I am an elementary school dropout who is just driven by and passionate about these areas. I want to further my understanding in them and my ability to articulate myself much like you have but don't really know where to begin as I lack the discipline and experience. I am stuck because I lack the discipline on my own but I don't trust the educational institutions as they are possessed politically/ideologically and are quite frankly a scam. Yet I am tired of having to do studying from the confines of isolation.

I have my own ideas about what I need to do and I'm not expecting any concrete advice or blueprints from you to solve my problems, would just like to hear the opinion of someone who's work I find of value.

(the other areas of interest I have are mythology and philosophy which is connected to the psychology, but also the practices of fine arts)

09:36 03-24-2019
I google translated your new essay on Subjectivism, a very nice article. The gender fluidity nonsense in particular is getting ridiculous. I don't necessarily agree with your conclusions on certain socio-political outcomes but a very intellectually stimulating read. You tend to focus your diagnosis on spiritual/existential pathology but you don't seem to pay much attention to the effects of childhood and emotional trauma. For example attachment disturbances in the parent/child could massively contribute to the cultural pathologies we see today.
22:23 01-09-2019
Doug Krueger
Dear Mats, Am delighted to find/read your "Jung and Swedenborg:
modern Neoplatonists"
With respect to the introversion required to approach "Jung's
metaphysical edifice" and to anticipate the probable
sociological objection, let me call your attention to the final words
of Husserl's "Cartesian Meditations": (Cairns tr.)
"The Delphic motto, "know thyself" has gained a new signification.
Positive science is science lost in the world. I must lose the world by
epoche in order to regain it by universal self-examination. "Noli foras
ire" says Augustine, "in te redi, in interiore homine habitat veritas." ( "do
not wish to go out; go back into yourself. Truth dwells in the inner man." )
Is there a connection between Jung's phenomenology and Husserl's?
As scientists what have they in common?
04:01 01-08-2019
Jared Cameron
I wanted to know if you had any other blogs or websites that you would recommend
17:24 12-29-2018
Let me share you an article on North American checkers and American checkers which is available in pdf at .
06:33 11-20-2018

I've spent the past two days fixated on an observation that you've apparently made, to some extent, as well; namely the connection between the eternal child and Leftism. I'm an attorney; not a psychologist; so I'm wondering if you wouldn't mind emailing me your thoughts about my observation-- far outside my wheelhouse. Your article on the Puer Aeterna seems to indicate to me that my observation is sound.
Here are the paragraphs I was working on before finding your article:
"Treason doth never prosper," wrote an English poet, "What's the reason? For if it prosper, none dare call it treason." The generals who sent Dreyfus to Devils Island were among the most honorable men in France. The men who killed Caesar were among the most honorable men in Rome. And with the help of a sycophantic and co-conspiring media , the parricides who shamelessly violate our defining covenant are deemed above reproach. Why? Because they hate the captain.
And why do they hate the captain? For the same reason the princess despised the frog in Grimm’s fairytale The Frog Prince; she refuses to grow up. In this revised and reversed version of the tale, a charismatic Wolf preaching the infantilizing word of Leftism regressed half the adult nation to the mindset of a puella aeterna; an eternal child princess. Instead of the princess leaving childhood by accepting the physical realties of adulthood, she clings to the utopian sense of self the grifting Wolf sold her—a self far too pristine to acknowledge its own (deplorable) feet—by loathing the frog (Donald Trump) and all the “uglies” of maturity he represents. What’s more, the Wolf and his pack evade discovery and prosecution for their treasonable acts by propagandizing the princess into believing that the frog is guilty of their crimes. Thus, bereft of the honor and integrity normally accompanying adulthood, the self-absorbed eternal child rejects the frog by refusing to accept:
“You don’t work with the captain because you like the way he parts his hair. You work with him because he’s got the job or you’re no good.”
This is the work of Deep State; who, unlike Mister Keefer in The Caine Mutiny, lacks the maturity, self-awareness and self-respect required to feel shame.

Anyway, I thought the similarity between our observations was striking enough to inform you about it. I'd be thrilled to hear what a Jungian scholar thinks about it; especially considering you're the only person I know of at the moment who has made the same observation.


11:53 11-18-2018
Your Puer Aeternus article is spot-on, would love to read more from you on the subject.
07:25 10-10-2018
Nadine Aernouts
Hello. I am writing about a movement created during Medieval times and was astonished when I saw your observation that talking about that period people consider it to be dark ages while I was so sure about all the contrary. There were so many movements created, so much to explore that I even came to think that those centuries were superior to ours because of the profoundness of many ideas. It was good to find your article Understanding European psychology.
22:10 09-23-2018
Camilo Villanueva
Dear Dr Mats L. Winther: :I send the address of my site for your knowledge, in the same, in "Comments"you can find the opinion of Dr.Stanley Krippner (USA) and Lic.Cristina Daneri (Psychoanalyst - UBA),and Dr. Román Gonzalvo editor of the "Journal Transpersonal Research" (Spain) among others. I hope like my works
"Transpersonal Paintings"
Thank you for your time.Kind regards from Argentina.Camilo Villanueva
18:19 09-15-2018
Mihai Luca
Hello Mats,

I had been reading some Hillman in parallel with the CW of Jung, and he had charmed me for a while with his poetic style, but then something seemed a bit fishy, especially taking into consideration contemporary social events. Also when getting out of the rhythm of his densely packed texts and stopping to think for a while, some of his ideas contradict basic facts, from anthropology for instance. The idea of opposites is not a fallacy, the most primitive cultures act out a play of opposites, yet he claims that it is just something we choose to imagine. One can "at best" not be aware of them, and a lot of good that would do... Evil is also part of such a pair. I would venture to suggest that, by rejecting individuation, among others Hillman is worshiping an undifferentiated pair of his inferior functions, which seem to be thinking and sensation. Jung said something of the sort about Schiller in CW6. Only in Schiller it was inferior feeling and sensation. Hillman on the other hand, doesn't want ideas to be abstract generalizations but "concrete particularizations" - a sort of sensate perception of ideas. ML von Franz mentions that the Self initially manifests itself in the inferior function as a numinous experience. Hillman's work is wading through the value of pathologies (a sign of superior feeling) with the help of his intuition. In the end his ideas don't stand up to the scrutiny of fact and logic, though it would be useful to integrate a part of the values. He is also a bit of a Sophist, and ingeniously disguises the puer by admitting his presence from the start, and if we let if fly (pun intended) we will, under the impression of being in the know, follow the piper's song into the sea. Such a typical Sphinx-like trap! That's most dangerous I think for people who skip over Jung and go straight into Hillman. In regards to my reading Hillman, I ended up very disappointed, which is the usual outcome when one enters a relationship with a puer.

You critique helped me clarify a lot, thank you!
13:12 05-27-2018
An opinion from you about societal Caiaphas Syndrome, relating to Eucharistic nihilism would be interesting to read. The syndrome is directly related to the profits and business of idolatry. The prophets of the Old Testament and Jesus opposed the societal syndrome, relevant with regard to the post-modern fashionable stance, against the idea Truth, whilst reducing everything to the idea Love.
06:37 03-26-2018
Hello Mats,

So what is the solution to the problem of Puerus Aeternus?
12:21 03-20-2018
Miguel Miranda
Congratulations for your website.
21:18 08-24-2017
"Without entropy, i.e., continual deterioration, neither the universe nor society could function. This is because order is only created at the cost of generating an even greater amount of disorder."
Maybe an orange seed and a human body could serve as counter examples. Order is created out of thin air or, to be fairer, out of something that pertains to these elements. Or, by Hebrews 11:3, things which are seen were not made of things which do appear. Far from mystical, we could apprehend that the 'word of God' would be taken as the laws of universe in constant operation. DNA itself and all DNA operations that take place by the milissecond inside all of us, are all but entropy driven or generating. Subatomic 'particles' movements may serve as another, however weaker given our general lack of knowledge, example.
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