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15:15 01-24-2016
Sergio C F Mendonça
Dear Mats,
I have been a biomedical scientist for more than 30 years.
I was hooked by the Jungian thought several years ago, when I started to read his books
Now I intend to retire and I have been studying analytical psychology to become a therapist.
In this process, I got in contact with some very celebrated post-Jungian thinkers, like James Hillman and Wolfgang Giegerich.
Well, I saw your work for the first time because, when I read Hillman´s article Psychology: monotheistic or polytheistic? I thought that more than a post-Jungian, this guy was “an anti-Jungian”. So, I went to Google with these words to see if anyone else had had the same thought. And I have found your text Critique of Archetypal Psychology.
Now I am studying Giegerich and I had more or less the same feeling. Then I have found you again saying what I wanted to say in your article entitled The Happy Neurotic Island of Modernity and Technology.
This message is to inform you that you have at least one fan in Brazil.
I found amazing how the cited thinkers have met so much success in the Jungian community by negating the very core of C. G. Jung’s, namely the concepts of the Self and individuation.
I am happy to hear your voice against the deconstruction of Jung´s legacy.
14:37 12-05-2015
I have only read one article, your being one of the few on the internet going into the issue of Mysterium Iniquitatis that I could find that wasn't specifically Catholic. I appreciate that immensely. What I found to be most interesting is that you think that Christianity best exposes us to a world in which we can learn of the ego, and then in turn be exposed to our own true nature (ie, the spirit/soul.) For me being exposed to my true nature came about through Taoist poetry, and Buddhist scripture. I find these sources to be more direct, and less filled with silly stories that seem to be able to distract people away from finding out about their ego.

Also, I have been searching in my mind, and your writing is pointing to me to places to look for more information about religion before writing, and the issues of polytheism and monotheism. To think that Jewish people were the best of the monotheists, or that Abraham was "the original", it's just depressing and misinformed, but it is seemingly the dominant model for the average person who is not inclined to more informed which also seems to be the majority of people paid to be givers of information, aka "the media".

Lastly, I would hope that your thirst for knowledge, or gnosis, will take you in ever more frightening places that will challenge everything you believe is real.

-good luck
20:04 11-27-2015
I forgot to describe my blog (below). It is about the trinity and quaternity and mandalas and their gnostic implications and relationship with modern physics.
18:36 11-27-2015
You might want to check out
14:56 11-16-2015
Sister Helen E. Prov
Your writing are quite unusually well done! Very inspiring! I like reading your very profound insights. I found you on Depth Psychology Alliance.

Thank you

Sister Helen
19:50 10-10-2015
Namik Zade
Dear friend! I have some problems to write zrf file for board 10x10 with drop variant like Seirawan chess. Can you help me?
With best regards Namik
13:25 08-07-2015
Sena Fernando
Thanks for your article "The animistic archetypal nature of
the unconscious".
17:23 07-16-2015
Hi Mats. Thank you for your essay on Thanatos - I consumed it within one go! I wonder if you would like to contribute on my website to spread the knowledge about the Unconscious and Jungian psychology?
17:36 05-16-2015
Come back! I recently joined PF and just found your 2011 article on European Psychology and its Rooting in the Interiority of the Middle Ages which I would like to see resurrected in the Political Opinions section. I think it needs more discussion, I will resurrect it with permission from and credit to you if you do not care to. Do you have any references to go with it or is it an independently deduced theory?

Your website is very interesting. I am also interested in Jungian psychology.
05:02 03-26-2015
Paul Henrickson
God dag: #1 by chance do you know anything about a genealogical cgaracter called "Juan Franchos" who had been in early 14th C the Captain at Stekeborg?

#2: Overviewing your bibliography makes me think you might be interested in some of mine. Is there another email address which will accept text and images?
04:35 02-18-2015
Cameron Browne
Hi Mats,
I just read your article on reconstructing Scandinavian checkers -- very interesting. Would you be interested in writing an expanded version that focusses on aspects of design for the upcoming Game & Puzzle Design journal (
14:15 02-04-2015
Andrew Walker
Looks like I'm going to be a more than occasional visitor. Finding your links in JungFire; finding the reading more than casually interesting and conducive to perseverance in the struggle that brings meaning.
23:30 11-30-2014
Lauren Bloom
Hi Mats! I was just about to order Ego and Archetype by Edward F. Edinger, but I just read your critique...Do you know of a good book that covers the ego and self relationship per Jungian thought?
00:00 08-12-2014
klemens swib
Read the opening lines of your critique of Hillman and I was hooked. I'd love to send you a complimentary copy of my new book. Dionysos, Archetype of Individuation.

If the Dionysian myth is a psychic projection, as Karl Jung suggested, could it be reversed engineered back into the psyche. If we could complete this reverse engineering project, might we concomitantly discover a Rosetta Stone providing us with a key to understanding the language of the internal aspect of nature. If we could find such a Stone, would we also discover the Greeks created a sophisticated interactive map of the psyche. The internal aspect of nature. Our underlying instinctual dynamic. The Unconscious. I definitely will be reading your entire article on Hillman forthwith. Thanks for making your work available for everyone to peruse.
00:03 08-02-2014
Peter T Dunlap
I liked your last IAJS post, do you play go?
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