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18:24 11-29-2021
Love your work ❤️
16:22 11-18-2021
Peter O'Connor
Dear Sir

What do you think about Rudolf Steiner?

Thank you.
20:00 10-31-2021
Joshua W French
Great essays. Haven't found Jung related stuff this good in a long time. Thanks for taking aim at the current political and cultural insanity.

We're in for strange times
08:42 10-06-2021
Fred Burniston
I have just read your critique of Individuation. Yes too many Jungians have had too many good dinners but beyond that I'm not convinced by this critique and it's not clearto me what you're proposing to put in its place.

Get back to me if the spirit moves you.
08:40 10-06-2021
Fred Burniston
Just read your Spirit and Psyche. Great stuff -I found myself thinking "I wish I had thought of that!" more than once.
Needless to say I have my disagreements with you. If you would like some conversation along these lines - now or some time in the future - don't hesitate to get back to me.
Fred Burniston
14:25 08-06-2021
I am very impressed with "The Dark Shadow Of The Quaternity", since it again constitutes a convincing re-interpretation of Jung's dreams and visualisations, supporting your original idea of complementation. A latent misinterpretation of the feminine; Jung as a stagnant Merlin figure, unconsciously dominated by his one-eyed worldly focus. Very balanced and clear-headed analysis! Thank you.
13:40 07-18-2021
Uffe Haugsted
Hi Mats
Thank you for your wonderful piece "Critique of Individuation". It has really clarified some doubts I have had about the the problematic ego-strengthening nature of jungian psychology - your original analyses of Jung's own dreams and imagery just hit the nail on the head. That we must ultimately let go of our conscious intellectual striving as a sort of scaffolding and travel alone into the dark mysterious. (Maybe Jung the jokester really wanted us to rebel in this way?).
And your little piece on Dora and your reinterpretation of her dreams painfully exposes (initial) limitations in Freudian analysis! Look forward to reading more of your work.
18:34 04-13-2021
Greetings wandering soul, thanks for your contribution, what came in to my mind after reading one of the comments is.
So we have Psychology.
Now we need Pneumology aswell.
Best regards,
18:22 03-14-2021
nance harding
This reluctant pilgrim has searched long for someone like you to read. Thank you so much for your contribution to my process. Take care.
22:44 03-09-2021
Hi Mats!

I have a question for you if you don't mind contacting me through my email!

23:52 02-28-2021
j. b. hawley
As a new reader, please allow the question --

Have you looked into Spengler's comments concerning these issues --

" more important than all this is the opposition of Spirit and Soul (Hebrew Ruach and nephesb, Persian ahu and urvan, Mandæan monuhmed and gyan, Greek pneuma and psyche) " ??

Thank you for your good work.

j b h
00:58 02-23-2021
Fina texter! Både på svenska och engelska!
23:14 02-10-2021
I can't thank you enough, Matt. Your articles have changed my life.
00:11 12-12-2020
Thank you for your interesting essays on the relation of Swedenborg's thought to Jung's. They were an eye-opener for me, a Catholic of gnostic tendencies who has gone through seven years of Jungian analysis, and many years more in personal study of Jung and von Franz.
08:38 11-16-2020
Archie Evans
Just read your critique of individuation. I’ve been an atheist since I was 17. I’m now 24 and I honestly don’t know what to believe. Realization of the unconscious has thrown me for a loop. It’s only been a couple days now and I would’ve thought I was crazy if this phenomena wasn’t so well documented.
You gave me so much more to think about.
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